Kpop VS Jpop 2016 (part 1)

NotJP kpop vs jpop music,which you like the most??
or you like both?leave a comment and let me know about the video:)

i made this video because many people always think that korean music are amazing to compare to the japanese music,but for me they both are awesome,but they are still comparable,…..why u like korean music?why u like japanese music?sure u have the reason,tell me why:)

Korean Group(male)

1:super junior-magic
2:2pm-my house
3:big bang-bang bang bang
4:exo- overdose
5:got7-if you do

Japanese Group(male)

8:exile-new horizon
9:da-ice-hush hush

Korean Group(female)

11:g-friend-me gustas tu
12:miss a-only you
13:2ne1-come back home
14:girl generation-catch me if you can

Japanese Group(female)

16:perfume-pick me up
17:dream-blanket snow
18:flower-blue sky blue
19:e-girls-mr snowman
20:predia-mitashite amore

Korean solo(male)

21:lee seung gi-invite
22:kimjong kook-men are all like that
23:john park-u
24:kim jae jong-love you more
25:g dragon-crooked

Japanese solo(male)

26:yuya matsushita-lonely rain
27:takeru-i kyou u
28:akanishi jin-can i talk to u
29:miyavi-the others
30:yuya tegoshi-ai nante

Korean solo(female)

32:iu-twenty three
33:boa-who are you
34:song jieun-dont look at me like that
35:ailee-mind you own bussiness

Japanese solo(female)

36:aya kamiki-summer memories
37:rei yasuda-koi uta
39:kana nishino-no1
40:eir aoi-shoegazer

Korean Band(male)

41:guyz-tell me tell me
43:bustered-whenever you call me
44:cn blue-sorry
45:ft island-pray

Japanese Band(male)

46:one ok rock-deeper deeper
47:spyair-genjou destruction
48:div-ikenai kiss
49:the gazette-ugly
50:acid black cherry-yes

Korean Band(female)

51:a fati-say the word
53:bebop-im the best
54:nia-forest of memories
55:a fati-another chance

Japanese Band(female)

56:stereopony-stand by me
57:silent siren-joshikou sensou
58:draft king-this is me
60:band maid-alone

Korean mix

61:rubystar-맑음때때로흐리고(sunny cloudy with rain at times)
63:j-min(with titan)-shine

Japanese Mix

64:tommyheavenly6-can u hear me 65:7!!opps-orange
66:wagakki band-tengaku

all are in order 🙂

I do not own any of the songs used in this video, all rights goes to the rightful owners.


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